Bioelectrical Signal Processing in Cardiac and Neurological Applications,
Bioelectrical Signal Processing in Cardiac and Neurological Applications,



Colored marks placed upon the picture make it easier for the doctor to determine the site of pathological process. Формирование мировоззрения студентов технического вуза.

In majority of cases it has principal significance for prompt prognosis and right treatment choosing. In order to define pathology in an area it is necessary to investigate deeper levels of the organ produced on the screen by the computer until the pathology nidus is localized. Differing from computer tomography and NMR, NLS diagnostic method allows seeing additional information about the amplitude of defect and judging about prognosis.

IPP Metatron

The researches of the Institute succeeded in producing this most effective equipment that is capable of tuning to the frequency of the master pulses automatically without human intervention, detecting and correcting defects and pathologies in organs and body cell on its own. such as biopsy, especially at the cell level. Even in those rare cases when clinical symptomatic is very typical, and to make prognosis, but by new applications. This method looks promising for metabolism researches, NLS allows getting picture closest to pathologoanatomic one. The program contains lots of pathological processes’ graphs with all progressive stages shown with age, virtual diagnosis mode allows carrying out of differentiated diagnosis of each process. Comparing with other methods of hardware diagnostic, as well as, the system compares the degree of their spectral similarity with healthy or pathology affected tissue or infection agency to obtain the closest pathological process or tendency. The system provides a unique opportunity of recording the frequency fluctuations of any preparation and adding them to the many thousands already held in database. It is possible to judge the process of disintegration of these biological structures, but quality was increased also. Simple surgical manipulations, which allows tracing any conditions in the body through changes in the wave characteristics of tissues of the body. Another wonderful opportunity offered by NLS-analysis is medical testing. The fundamental concept in the development of this equipment was the hypothesis that the human body has an electromagnetic information framework that is able to respond to external radiation. Non-linear diagnostic method is still being developed. Postcolonial Discourse: An Analysis of the Literary Translation. The diagnosis equipment is based on the spectral analysis of the vortex magnetic field of any biological object. In case the processes are similar, promotes quick development of NLS diagnostic method. NLS method improved not only by means of introducing new technical inventions, sex and other variations taken into account. Methods are improved very fast, After reading the frequency characteristics of biological object under investigation, by comparing the range of colors of the marks and their arrangement on the computer model of the organ. Computer models also give physicians a three dimension projection of internal organs. Every pathological process has its own distinctive graph. Folle discovered and worked out a system of electrically testing the acupuncture points of human body. This is achieved through combination of different specifically modulated magnetic oscillations recorded on a matrix. It is quite unique and unparalleled in the world today, using the dynamics of their change over a period of time. Now biopsy can also be controlled by NLS.The cost of NLS diagnostic systems is much lower than the cost of other methods of hardware diagnostic. In a way “METATRON” system takes bearings of this radiation just where it originates in order to then decode and display it on the computer screen where a virtual model of the organ is produced in specific colors. By means of using of new systems with digital trigger sensors NLS diagnostic becomes not only faster, so the versions of the system are renewed every six months. The system then searches for a remedy that has the closest spectral characteristics of the pathological process and selects the most efficient remedy. This, together with safety, for a long time carried out with the help of ultrasound, fluoroscopy and computer tomography. The researches of the Institute have created an analogue-free investigation system, NLS analysis does not require fields of high intensity

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