Chinas Global Intentions: Hegemony or Multipolarity
Chinas Global Intentions: Hegemony or Multipolarity

This book is about the strategic intent of China that how and in what way China will behave with its rising power. Will China pursue hegemony or multipolarity is the main hypothesis of this book. Paradigm for Hegemony has been set by the author to assess the hegemonic tendencies of China. I addition, three tests; demonstrated intent, transmitted intent, and reality check have been employed to check the hegemonic intent of China. This book provides an insight into economic policies and military modernization plans to continue with its present growth rate level of its economy. Would China be able to sustain the double digit growth rate level of its economy in the future has been made for this study and the relevance of this study will not be in jeopardy even if its growth rate level does slow down. This study throws light on the global and regional response towards China. How and in what way Usa will respond to the increasing might of China and what policies will be employed by the Usa to contain the rising influence of China in the world politics will be explored in this book. Regional powers options for formulating relations with china has been discussed in this book.



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