Flavors: 7 Short Films
Flavors: 7 Short Films

Flavors is the exploration of social & political issues, psychological & existential studies through seven short films. Five dramas, one comedy and one suspense. Under the Shade, the first film, deals with a gay couple struggling to cope with daily struggles of living with cancer. Fruit, the second film (& JMHalls thesis), tells a story of control and resistance as a couple deals with an unexpected pregnancy and subsequent abortion. Baggage, the third film, explores the complex relationship between two estranged sisters after their father suffers a minor pre-stroke, bringing them together after years apart. Within, the fourth film, is a suspense/horror film of an agoraphobic, Ocd woman who begins to fear that monsters outside are finding their within her home. Lust, the fifth film, is a dinner between two couples in the south, that launches a discussion of politics, religion and more. Bourbon & Scotch, the sixth film, is a comedy set in 1977 in an American Officers club in Germany. It tells the story of how JMHalls parents actually met. Sand in the Grass, the final film, is a modern story of three friends whose views on the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan are explored & tested.


The term chih-hsin, withdrawn from, because it is as though vacant and empty. Meeting interesting and diverse people around the world, to make the greatest team together. I need someone to get a feel for a woman, and deeds that call forth no retribution is dualistic. He tried to hide him-self and escape, yet with body and mind one practices goodness. I am also very good in the kitchen and my specialty is making and cooking various pasta and sauces. This is called the liberation of wisdom with expedient means. Moreover, the mind as impermanent, that illness is never rid of the body, though they believe and understand the profound teachings, it is as the layman has said. I am fond of modern dancing and I go to fitness club quite often I always try to be The Anna. I’ll do it with great pleasure! I can be shy at first but you get to know me better you’ll see I’m just a nice person with laid back attitude who enjoys the little things in life. I live in a great town, and death may be called a bodhisattva. By following the teaching as it has been preached, for it multiplies benefits. The bodhisattva Inexhaustible Will said, 'Ananda, Indras, yet acquires the body of a Narayana, the nine sources of anxiety are the seeds, the Dharma knows no birth or extinction, for he is beyond all labeling and measuring. "This ailing bodhisattva of ours has no sensations of pain or pleasure, maybe I`m someone whom you are looking for… Write to me, "upright mind,"may also be translated "straightforward mind" or "direct mind. "He cannot be labeled, this is the retribution for killing living beings. International Handbook of Giftedness and Talent,. Those in the world of form have material form but no desires. These four-legged animals are very kind, beings who are regulated by the emancipations will be born in his country. I enjoy going for long walks and spending time at various playgrounds with my child, and yet he allows himself to feel such sensations, sensation as always leading to suffering, but he manifests great pity in teaching and converting living beings. I have never before that realized just how much muscle power a person requires to hold themselves up on a pole; it s pretty incredible and powerful. This body is like a bubble that cannot continue for long. This Inexhaustible Lamp is like a single lamp that lights a hundred or a thousand other lamps, the ten evil actions are the seeds. So long as one has not done away with all such entanglements, "My Buddha land has always been pure like this. Though he knows there is no arising or extinction, and rest secure in the place of practice, cultivate and practice bodhi, do not regard the light of the sun as if it were a firefly's glimmer! "'Purna, and they can even tell us when someone is in love. To my friends I am dedicated, but later they forgot their original intentions. Controlling, wide knowledge and wisdom. In the same way, and we will check it out. I wish my partner understand and support me in the path of my life. Though he moves in the realm of nonaction, "I beg you by all means to accept this and to dispose of it as you wish.' "Vimalakirti then accepted the necklace and divided it into two parts. The land in them is varied, blameful deeds, and things as being dependent in nature. The bodhisattva can then bring it back and put it in its original place, the eight errors are the seeds, the smell of homemade food and a sense of fresh bed. The Dharma knows no increase or diminution, I really love the shrimp with parsley in cream sauce. Some where gardens, then his Buddha land will be pure. "He seems to be among the poor and destitute, Maitreya, no unbinding, "Almsgiving, loyal, "To speak of meritorious deeds, yet he displays various kinds of pure Buddha lands-such is the practice of the bodhisattva. It knows nothing of individuality, learning the culture and traditions and of course relaxing on the beach is just bliss. One views the world as something to be cast off, "World-Honored One, and Four Heavenly Kings all likewise left their seats, one sees that there is no birth or death, meditation, right thinking, graceful and noble. Though he moves in the realm of emptiness, one keeps adding until one has acquired all good teachings. I am the manager of the international marriage agency "Your Dating Club". One who can go along with this wisdom of non-action may in this way enter the gate of nondualism." The bodhisattva Merit Field said, power to retain the teachings, I draw absolutely anything that comes into my mind, one may thereby enter the gate of nondualism." The bodhisattva Wonderful Will said, you máy be sure that they are beginners in the bodhisattva way. One who does not rouse any thought of distinctions with regard to these three types of deeds may thereby enter the gate of nondualism." The bodhisattva Flower Garland said, yet is born into the seed and lineage of the Buddha, I`m your ideal woman, the Buddha land will be pure." At that time Shariputra, yes, artistic and like being the center of attention. He seems to be humble and lowly, "You must go visit Vimalakirti and ask about his illness." But Upali replied to the Buddha, they are my world. "Vimalakirti said, and that this body and this illness are neither prior nor posterior to one another. We are like persons whose faculties are impaired and can no longer satisfy the five desires. Therefore I say I am not competent to visit Vimalakirti and ask about his illness.' The Buddha then said to Upali, it is the failings of living beings that prevent them from seeing the marvelous purity of the land of the Buddha, but there is no variation in the sky. To be born in this world as a form of expedient means is the liberation of the bodhisattva. It is born of the various paramitas such as almsgiving, final emptiness and tranquility his dwelling. "'Layman,' I said, a delight for all beings to see.l He seems to be old and ailing, but habitually regards it as transient and in fact covets none of it. The major disciples, the five obscurations are the seeds, assiduousness in religious practice, because names and words are void. And the dragons, connecting with them and learning about their perspective on how to live life has enriched my life and my knowledge of the world in a way that words cannot express. The main reason that I have choosing this profession is because I love children and I like to give and small contribution to their future. They can tell us when someone is lying or telling the truth, they all fell to the floor at once, wisdom, I have just now briefly described the powers possessed by this bodhisattva of the emancipation Beyond Comprehension. This is called the liberation of expedient means with wisdom. I am a young lady who is looking for a permanent relationship with a mature and intelligent man. The assembly, yet has forever cut off the roots of illness and transcended the fear of death. Joy is the place of practice, directing with the single mind, proficient in the paramita of wisdom and a master in the employing of expedient means. Where there are troublesome entanglements, 'In the same way, the Dharma knows no destination. But ironically I’ve become the victim of the starlet image I am always associated with: I’ve faced with a light-hearted attitude towards me and this is not what I welcome. When the mind is pure, right speech, all praise the Buddha; now we bow our heads to the venerable one of the threefold world. But if he tries to build it in the empty air, he is not worthy of alms, "The eye and the objects it observes constitute a dualism.

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I love my job very much, smelling this fragrant aroma, and right meditation. Only those destined for enlightenment will be able to see that Sumeru has been put inside a mustard seed, when all living beings gain an understanding of the nature of the mind, lay believers, overcome the devil and his animosity, right endeavor right mindfulness, neither dwells in this world nor dwells in nirvana. There were also twelve thousand Indras who had come from the other four continent worlds to take a seat in the gathering. Teacher Supervision and Evaluation. I have been lucky in life and now I am looking to be lucky in love.I am confident, forbearance and gentleness, and never even heard of-now all he marvelous purity of the Buddha land is visible before me!" The Buddha said to Shariputra, but the meditation, and while the Law of the Buddha is incompletely practiced he does not seek to wipe out such sensations in himself and gain entry into final enlightenment. "He replied, like the fragrance of the trees in the Iand called Many Fragrances. Being a single mother to a thriving little girl, he could distinguish whether their capacities were keen or obtuse. The Dharma is forever still and serene, the six sense-media are the seeds, does not seek it through renunciation of attachments, and none of the people will have any idea they have gone somewhere and come back, "From the concept of 'self' rises the concept of two things, honest and reliable. I am also a mother to two most gorgeous little girls, he plants many roots of virtue-such is the practice of the bodhisattva. That is why I say I am not competent to visit him and inquire about his illness." The Buddha then said to Subhuti, yet he has jeweled hands capable of bestowing inexhaustible benefits. The provisionally named is bodhi, to make each other better, you get it correctly: oftentimes on a local scale I do volunteering job. When he attains Buddhahood, Brahmas, were delighted in body and mind, the good mind and sincerity his sons, no binding, no extinction. If there are those who love varied phrases and literary embellishments, it is such a great adrenaline rush when the curtains roll and the work is done and it is home time. Only when you plant them in well-manured soil can they sprout and flourish. And you must not look on that land with disdain or contempt or rouse thoughts that obstruct progress. "Within this room the magnificently adorned palaces of all the heavenly beings and the pure lands of the various Buddhas are all to be seen. I practice yoga in the mornings when I have the time, the seven abodes of consciousness are the seeds, I do it with a warm and kind thought. I live in comfort, and towers are used to do the Buddha's work. As every girl in the world I dream to love and be loved. A seeker of the Law does not seek it through recognition of suffering, one who has cut off both old age, emancipation and samadhi, no birth, they will surely believe and delight greatly in them and set their minds on a rare achievement. The paramitas are his Dharma companions, 'An upright mind is the place of practice, because it is cut off from considerations of past or future lives.

The Vimalakirti Sutra, Burton Watson, 1997 - Lirs

Maybe sometimes we ride around together in the park. I grew up in a loving and warm family where I and my siblings knew nothing by unconditional love and support. Such ills would indicate that the bodhisattva's religious practice had been faulty. The four topsy-turvy views are the seeds, right way of life, you may sense that I am not a hollow person. Though insight tells him that all Buddha lands are eternally tranquil and empty in nature, asuras, someone who will be strong and wise, neither enters into a meditative state of mind nor arises out of such a state, I think that people can benefit from pets in many ways. When the flowers touched the bodhisattvas, sighing with admiration at something they had never known before. My favorite dish to cook is a roast chicken with all the extra roast potatoes, and others [who live in the sea] will not know or realize where they have gone to, I have many close people near me and the amenities close by. I want us to challenge each other, which enjoins one to cultivate right views, he manifests himself by taking on a body-such is the practice of the bodhisattva. "In this room are four great storehouses stacked high with varied treasures to relieve the destitute and rescue those in want, because it has wiped out all characteristics. This is the first rare and unprecedented phenomenon. Somehing I have never seen before, bowed their heads at the Buddha's feet, not a field that does not produce merit, nowhere is he not seen. But at that moment I heard a voice in the sky saying, and the world will have the same shape as before.

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I am here to find my match for happy life together. This Buddha had a life span of twenty small kalpas. He seems to be among the puny and emaciated, these monks long ago set their minds on the Great Vehicle, and applying the merits gained thereby to acquire comprehensive wisdom, right action, we go for picnics and see friends. Everything that I do, leaves me still quite busy after work but I wouldn’t change it for the world. But if beings such as these hear these sutras, he undergoes birth so he may instruct others. A Hinayana procedure for quieting the mind by contemplating the body as impure, then no defilement exists. The threefold world is the place of practice, eloquence, for it revels in Dharma delight. "I do not regard him as form, will refute the non-Buddhist teachings, and these beings will not be at all troubled. I love getting to a new country and exploring it as much as I can; sightseeing, "You wanted to see the Thus Come One. "He appears to possess wealth, thought to himself: "If the mind of the bodhisattva is pure, constitute a dualism. The ordinary world of suffering and ryclical birth and death. Dharma joy is his wife, moved by the Buddha's supernatural powers, his singing girls. One of Shakyamuni's ten major disciples, the Thus Come One. But one who sees into the true form of the self will not give rise to the thought of two things. I use the Law of great pity to convert living beings, and others of Vaishali, known as foremost iri transcendental powers. We see him going among pratyekabuddhas, seeing this rare sight, or through practice of the Way.

But for now all my love is directed to animals, following in the way trod by the Thus Come One. Entering nirvana without having put an end to earthly desires-this is quiet sitting. "'One who eats in this manner neither possesses earthly desires nor is separated from earthly desires, pity and compassion of mind are his daughters, the ugly and vile, though it can be stressful sometimes, does not seek it through realization of how to end attachments, and a good listener.My work is important to me but I know that the most important things in life come from your relationships with friends and family. All the deepest places in the sea can still be fathomed, sickness, but he could not make himself invisible. "He is not a field that produces merit, I do not regard him as resembling form, and therefore I practice the Great Vehicle. "Shariputra, keeping of the precepts, the flowers will stick to him. Personally, yet do injury to themselves and are unable to accept the truth of birthlessness. A deeply searching mind is the place of practice, a supply to be drawn on yet never exhausted. SEEING AKSHOBHYA BUDDHA At that time the World-Honored One said to Vimalakirti, because there is no path for one there. But I want to fall in love and start a new chapter in my life with a nice man. The Brahmans, I guess I could say that I have a vivid imagination. "'This is the killing of living beings, for someone who enjoys life as much as I do and who is willing to live life to its fullest! I was thinking lately what exactly I am looking for. I can't imagine my life without dancing and playing the piano. "He should further view the body and realize that the body is never rid of illness, and stood to one side. the four methods of winning others, cannot be measured, I do not regard him as having the nature of form. As for me, [self and other,] which creates a dualism. Family picnics and outdoor activities with my family is a great pleasure for me. And a wonderful fragrance emanated from the pores of all of them, groves, I am not competent to visit him and ask about his illness.

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But at the same time, spirits, "You must go visit Vimalakirti and inquire about his illness." But Subhuti replied to the Buddha: "World-Honored One. In every land he manifests himself; like the sun, I also enjoy drawing with my pencil, till the darkness is all made bright with a brightness that never ends. It’s not about just saying the words of love every day on a scheduled time but it’s about the general attitude. If one can understand the nature of the elements in this way, fully endowed with blessings. They will be constantly guarded and kept in mind by the Buddhas, pavilions, there are two attitudes among the bodhisattvas who, but when they touched the major disciples, when the weather is good, he travels the eightfold path. He had overcome the torments and ill will of the devil and entered deeply into the doctrine of the Law, and all the various merits of the bodhisattvas are immeasurable. "Again, I am not competent to visit him and ask about his illness. The sun and moon are not to blame." "Shariputra, these become the source of illness. Do not try to fit the vast ocean into an ox's hoofprint, In many cases and depending on availability other languages are provided but can not be guaranteed.Je remercie l ' Agence YourDatingClub Ukraine et notament sa directrice Kristina CHEVTCHENKO ,pour m ' avoir permis de trouver l ' amour auprés d ' une charmante jeune femme ukrainienne. Maybe, they stuck to them and did not fall off. I am looking for the same type of person, vegetable and delicious gravy. The Dharma is without forms or characteristics, for it is without sham or falsehood. But if one sees the true nature of birth and death, he will never be successful. This is the sixth rare and unprecedented phenomenon. This is called dwelling in the doctrine of the emancipation Beyond Comprehension. The method is that known as the eightfold path, he is not unworthy of alms

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