Improving the existing land use planning system in Mongolia
Improving the existing land use planning system in Mongolia

Newly reformed field of land administration has been rapidly developing since 1994 along with the social change of growing need of land relation, for instance, land privatization; land owning, land use planning, land management and land monitoring. However Mongolia needs to have improved land use planning system and to devote much attention to the environmental and public participation issues in land use planning. The dual land use system and the coordination between master and detailed plans need to be improved in Mongolia as well. The major issue related to the land use planning in Mongolia is that plans are not followed by society and even unadjusted to the reality. As well as, there is a number of plans were produced but it seems that all these plans are just remained on the paper. Therefore the study aims to demonstrate the need and the benefit of the land use planning guideline in Mongolia. The study examines the existing land use planning system situation and seeks causes why that system is not being implemented. Moreover, the research tries to explore appropriate and possible application of developed countries’ approaches on land use planning system in Mongolia.


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