Inclusive Schooling Model
Inclusive Schooling Model

This study was conducted to develop an Inclusive Schooling Model and an implementation plan for prevention of dropout at primary school level. Before working on this segment of the study, causes of primary school dropout were explored. Primary school dropouts, their parents and teachers were surveyed for this purpose. In the light of all reported causes, an inclusive schooling model was being proposed which can help Pakistani stakeholders to eradicate the causes of dropout and prevent the children from dropping out before completion of primary education. They may become potential learners for high school education and perform better socially, morally, economically and politically in the society. This model primarily focuses on professional, school and social transformation for the improvement of existing schools. A plan of implementation from federal level to school level was also proposed. This model is pedestaled on United Nation’s and other international declarations as well as The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (1973).


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