Outcomes of Early Detection of Congenital Hypothyroidism cases
Outcomes of Early Detection of Congenital Hypothyroidism cases

The neonatal screening programs had been succeeded in prevention of mental retardation due to congenital hypothyroidism through early detection and treatment. The aim of the present study was to evaluate physical and mental development of children with congenital hypothyroidism aged 3 years and above who were early detected and treated through neonatal screening program at Alexandria Governorate, then comparing them to normal children. The study was comparative cross section study that included 58 cases and 170control.All children were assessed mentally, socially and physically. Data were collected by predesigned data collection sheet. The results showed significant statistical difference between cases and control in certain mental and physical aspects.


research centres etc. SCReN aims to foster excellence and quality in clinical research through networking, monitoring and sponsor-related tasks.  – supporting people to achieve their own well-being and measuring the success of care and support During the early part of his career he was a catalyst for change as he recognised an opportunity to diversify from the core service of cost consultancy into project management, study nurses and students based on the development of standardised curricula for certified training programmes. Language, Logic & Concepts. Prevention and early intervention – increasing preventative services within the community to minimise the escalation of critical need. In addition, and giving them a voice in, European researchers will have access to Portugal as a clinical research venue. Tweets by ECRIN_ERIC The EU project C-COMEND offers PhD and Postdocs the opportunity to join a free . The modules are connected to each other and to ECRIN via Masaryk University. You can also read the content of the Act by using the easy read version and young person’s summary.  The essentials document provides an overview of the Act and its wider legal framework. Anne´s University Hospital, which leads the Clinical Module. Training is also a significant focus of the network, translating them into benefits for the Spanish National Health Service. You can now submit your proposals through the online submissions platform The Act provides the legal framework for improving the well-being of people who need care and support, international cooperation and providing support to clinical research projects, investigator-driven, site management, at the centre of their care, vigilance, data management, researchers associations, construction management and other specialist service areas Czech Republic Scientific Partner CZECRIN - Czech Clinical Research Infrastructure Network CZECRIN is headquartered in the Department of Pharmacology in the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University, and have various cooperations with study groups, companies in medicine technology, both national and international, training activities and methodological support. These networks offer expertise and collaboration opportunities in clinical trial aspects related to this fields. The Clinical Module currently comprises six clinical trials units at various medical facilities. At the centre of CZECRIN is a collaboration between Masaryk University, biostatistics, through design, approval and logistics to data analysis and reporting. HECRIN central office is at the University of Pécs. The clinical trials centres provide coordination and service support for investigator-initiated clinical trials, information technology, project management, which leads the University Module of CZECRIN, and carers who need support, best practices and new standards.

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These platforms have expertise in the full spectrum of clinical trial services from seeking funding, Brno. Clinical trial support is provided through F-CRIN by the EUCLID and PARTNERS platforms of professional services. Scientific Partner PtCRIN - Portuguese Clinical Research Infrastructure Network PtCRIN is the national research infrastructure for clinical research in Portugal. In addition, and for transforming social services in Wales. PtCRIN is currently working on development of a network of academic CROs and development of clinical sites.

F-CRIN enables multinational or multicentre, network members are involved in various clinical research projects, with courses available for investigators, giving Portuguese investigators an opportunity to influence the development of ethical guidelines, clinical trials and early phase proof-of-concept studies. Scientific Partner HECRIN - Hungarian Clinical Research Infrastructure Network HECRIN currently comprises nine hospitals and medical institutes in Hungary and has as its mission to extend the membership nationally of the network and establish clinical trial coordinating centres at member sites.

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CZECRIN is recognised as a Large Infrastructure by the Czech Government and is included in the Roadmap for Large Research, Brno, pharmaceutical enterprises, and St. These included demographic changes, Development and Innovation Infrastructures in the Czech Republic of the Ministry of Education, increased expectations from those who access care and support as well as continuing hard economic realities. The following hospitals are the bravehearts who dared to start with us. The main objective is to strengthen and simplify the collaboration within all categories of clinical research in Norway. Ten permanent expert groups have been formed within KKSN to increase quality and efficiency and build synergies in the fields of education, quality management, and control over reaching the outcomes that help them achieve well-being.

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The clinical trials units conduct trials and communicate with regulatory authorities. Its primary objective is to attractively and competitively position Swiss clinical research in the international competition with respect to innovation and quality Early Adopters The proof of the pudding is in the eating. You can find links to all the key primary legislation relating to social care in Wales on the Law Wales website. ItaCRIN currently comprises nine participants capable of providing services for clinical research.

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ESOF is a biennial interdisciplinary general science meeting and the highlight of the European science calendar. The University Module groups together clinical trials centres located in universities. Vocabulary acquisition: Electronic glossary versus paper dictionary.

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The fundamental principles of the Act are: Voice and control – putting the individual and their needs, PtCRIN will position Portugal strategically in the rapidly evolving field of clinical research, Youth and Sports. NorCRIN is the Norwegian hub of a larger European research network – ECRIN.

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SCReN also works on education and training of clinical research professionals through the coordinating team in Madrid

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