Promoting Teacher Parent Collaboration in Education
Promoting Teacher Parent Collaboration in Education

Researches on education of pupils with learning disabilities reveal the importance of parental involvement in education as a remediation measure. Parents need to be in close contact with the school in order to complement teacher’s efforts when the children are at home. This support would yield consistency at home and in school practice that can have a strong facilitating effect on the learning of pupils with specific learning disabilities as well as others with Special Educational Needs. Research results show that teacher-parent collaboration in education of pupils with Learning Disability is faced with many challenges. For example, there are no guidelines from Ministry of Education; disability manifests itself in many ways some of which are not understood by parents and teachers since they are not trained in handling pupils with Learning Disabilities. Above all, it was confirmed that teachers were reluctant to work with parents in schools. As collaboration in provision of education of pupils with Learning Disabilities is an important resource, it was recommended that the Ministry of Education should provide guidelines on how to tackle this problem.


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Effects of Conformance Costs Over Non-Conformance Costs. Research Papers On Teacher Education Research on Teacher Education and Training – ATINER on Teacher Education and Training: there are ten research papers.

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