The role of Usaid in Promoting Good Governance in Uganda
The role of Usaid in Promoting Good Governance in Uganda

Good governance is indisputably very critical for the legitimacy, consolidation and survival of any governments and/or political systems. In Uganda, it is evident that the first 42 years of independence (1962-2004) were characterized by a transition from (very) poor governance (especially in the first two and a half decades) towards good governance in the proceeding decades. It is noteworthy that while the National Resistance Movement Government (since it took over power in 1986 under President Yoweri Museveni) made serious efforts towards good governance in Uganda, other external actors’ contributions, especially by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) cannot be ignored. This Book, therefore, is a product of a study that delved into the role that Usaid played in promoting good governance in Uganda during the first 42 years of independence. The Book identifies and discusses in detail, Six Major Broad Areas in which the role of Usaid was very critical. It is the Author’s hope that readers will find it very informative, more so, it being a one-stop script, and the first one of its kind, in aiding their understanding of the very topical issues written about.


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