TIRT: A Traceability Information Retrieval Tool
TIRT: A Traceability Information Retrieval Tool

Software Product Line - Spl has proven to be the methodology for developing a diversity of software products and software-intensive systems at lower costs, in shorter time, and with higher quality. Numerous reports document the significant achievements and experience gained by introducing software product lines in the software industry. In this scenario, traceability refers to the ability to link and preserve the trace of transformation among different software artefacts, thus it is considered a necessary precondition for preserving the consistency of the complete family model during development, reducing the development time and cost in the SPL. In this sense, this book proposes different scenarios of traceability recommendation, which the core assets can be related. In addition, the requirements, design and implementation of a tool is also proposed. It focus on the maintenance activities regarding to the traceability relationship among the different core assets in a Spl through its recommendation system. Finally, this book also presents an initial experimental study in order to identify the viability of the proposed tool and traceability scenarios.


Bering 11139-462.. Optimal Control Methods for Tracking Multi-periodic Reference Signals

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